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Maria Kontis


© Maria Kontis, The Legend of Vijaya,  2003, Pastel on paper Actuellement à la Gitte Weise Gallery à Berlin. Publicités

John Updike


I think of myself . . . as an amiable, reasonable, interested, generally healthy, sexually normal, dependable, hopeful, fortunate human being. Which goes to show what a vexed thing even a fortunate human being is. The Widows of Eastwick (2008) John Updike – In: Obituary of John Updike: novelist who wrote the Witches of Eastwick […]

© Raphaël Dallaporta

© Solution, Björn Johansson

Claudia pozzoli


© Claudia Pozzoli, Oros #4, 2007 –

The Photographic Dictionary

Lina Scheynius


© Lina Scheynius