The Drawing Incident



THE DRAWING INCIDENT: Open Studios & Symposium on Drawing

21-25 September 2009

Drawing may be the most direct way to materialize vision in a work of art. One simply makes a mark and then another one in relation to that first mark, etc. This instant way of constructing an image makes drawing a transparent medium: the drawing shows its evolution, its mistakes, accidents and incidents, what happens in the margin. Like William Kentridge puts it: ‘Often, as a drawing proceeds, interest shifts from what was originally central, to something that initially appeared incidental.’ This quality of openness to the unforeseen, the uncontrollable, the unconscious, is widely acknowledged and appraised by artists and critics. The question is how to create the conditions to let this quality flourish and to lead the drawing (process) to a coherent and striking whole.

The Drawing Incident is a one-week event on drawing with open studios, artist’s talks and a concluding symposium. It offers artists the opportunity to create and discuss new work in an open studios setting. Each studio is lead by an internationally known artist, for whom drawing is an important artistic means or thinking tool. Artists are Benjamin Verdonck (BE), Sonia Boyce (UK), Wendy Morris (SA/BE), Kenneth Andrew Mroczek (USA/BE). Each studio is designed around a specific focus on contemporary drawing, starting from the artistic practice of the invited artists. Every morning starts with an artist’s talk by one of these artists. On Monday evening Norman Bryson (USA) will give a keynote lecture.
On Thursday evening the participants will present their new work in the studios. The public opening of the participants’ exhibition will coincide with the opening of an exhibition with work by the 4 invited artists at the Witte Zaal.
On Friday the 25th a symposium – open for a broader audience – concludes The Drawing Incident with artist lectures by Kelly Chorpening, Evert Defrancq, Voebe de Gruyter, Rebecca Fortnum, Tania Kovats, Ed Krcma, Peter Morrens, Dirk Zoete. During this symposium the new artist journal Th Ink will be launched.


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